Our mission

Environment / Education / Employment

Our mission

To promote Open capitalism, which means blurring the line between Capital and Work and organizing the collaborative creation (co-building), exploitation (revenue sharing) and ownership (co-property).

Our activities

8 Business Groups named DojoSchool, DojoFactory, DojoCrea, DojoBoost, DojoEvents, DojoChannel, DojoHub and DojoFinance, exploring new models for an open approach in the 8 battlefields in modern business.

Our communities

Our 500+ events by year gather 11.000+ entrepreneurs including 5.500+ startupers and 4.500+ researchers. These communities are built and managed by the community of our 100+ Limited and General Partners.

Our focus

We believe that new methods, models and tools are required to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs looking for new business models and categories to build. Dojo is progressively building this framework.